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Famous Italian educator, Maria Montessori, was once asked, "When should education begin?" Her answer? "Nine months before birth." Right-brain prenatal education is based on the premise that babies in the womb receive impressions via the mother's physical and emotional responses. Tracking your baby's development in the womb, while meditating on beautiful images, educational concepts and inspiring music sets the stage for a lifetime of learning.

Our prenatal classes include gentle yoga stretches, positive meditation and many of the flashcards on our TweedleWink DVDs. But, you can do the same thing at home--with music, coloring books and meditation.

Scroll down to download and view our FREE Right Brain Kids prenatal resources... just for you!

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TweedleWink Science JUMBO Coloring Book (printable) TweedleWink Art JUMBO Coloring Book (printable) Surfing the Alpha Wave Audio CD
Surfing the Alpha Wave Audio CD
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TweedleWink Prenatal Coloring Book (printable) TweedleWink Lesson Charts: PRENATAL TweedleWink Prenatal Development - Meditation e-book

FREE Goodies! ...from our hearts to yours. We're moms ourselves. Knowing how to start your right-brain learning journey--while also dealing with the highs and lows of pregnancy--can be a challenge. But, we've got you!

Here are a few products we've made to help you start your learning adventure during the prenatal months.

1. Prenatal "Getting Started Guide" - http://www.rightbrainkids.com/getting-started/gett...
2. Month-by-Month Prenatal Meditations on YouTube -