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Right Brain Education is a brand new way to learn. Let us show you how you can enrich your child's right brain EQ and left brain IQ -- in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Join Master Right Brain Teacher and founder of TweedleWink™ and Wink™ right brain learning systems, Pamela Sue Hickein, as she explains what each program is, what it does, and how to get started with your child or classroom of students!
And to help pave the way to heart-based teaching, we are proud to offer the Inner Family Archetype course, led by psychologist and author Caroline Hantske.

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Level 1 - Comprehensive Overview

  • TweedleWink
    program for infants/toddlers, preschoolers, special needs
  • Wink
    program for preschoolers/elementary-age children/teens
  • Inner Family Archetypes
    positive psychology for yourself, your students and family
Level 2 - Wink Teacher Courses
GO DEEP... includes classroom materials!

  • Alpha Relaxation
  • Eye Exercises
  • PhotoEyeplay
  • Mental Imaging
  • Observation Training/Memory Linking (coming soon)
  • Photographic Memory (coming soon)
  • Speed Reading (coming soon)
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Inner Family Archetypes - Level 1: Overview Course TweedleWink - Level 1: Overview Course Wink - Level 1: Overview Course
Wink - Level 1: Overview Course
Our Price: USD $197.00
Wink - Level 2: Alpha Relaxation Course Wink - Level 2: Eye Exercise Course Wink - Level 2: Mental Imaging Course
Wink - Level 2: PhotoEyeplay Course