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Playful right brain lessons that begin with a hug... and end with giggles!

NEW! Wink Storybook Lessons Step 1: Alpha Relaxation Step 2: Eye Exercises
Step 3: PhotoEyeplay Step 4: Mental Imaging Step 5: Observation Training
Step 6: Memory Linking Step 7: Photo Memory & Speed Reading The Wink Kit
Your child is busily absorbing everything around him, asking plenty of questions, and actively making connections that make learning passionate and fun. Enrich your child’s heart and mind through materials, a well-designed environment, and purposeful play in an atmosphere of love. In the Wink program, we'll show you how to use the 7 steps of Wink to supercharge your child's day. These are important years to keep your child's creative, inventive, highly-photographic right brain pathway open and active!