The Story of Right Brain Kids

A little history...

Our story begins in an eclectic community Montessori school -- where learning was passionate, teachers and parents were dedicated, and children (ages 0-12) were recipients of a blend of many, many early educational methods.

One of the methods that had developed in this educational hothouse during the 80's and 90's, we called Right Brain Education, based loosely on the work of Betty Edwards, Barbara Meister Vitale, Colin Rose, Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida and others. This program was nurtured by a small team of parents and teachers -- and the results of using this method were simply stunning. Children were able to learn large amounts of information in a small amount of time -- effortlessly, joyfully. They could spend a majority of their time in play. We had found a balance between left brain early education, and creative right brain opportunities.

In 1997,
a small circle of parents and teachers came together to figure out how to continue Right Brain Education--not only for our own children, but also to benefit other families around the world. We knew that these methods honored the deepest parts of our children: their very souls. The result of our meeting came in the form of an early childhood educational company founded by Pamela Hickein and Linda Branson called The Soul Learning Company.

In 2000,
we had finally packaged enough materials to hold a solid on-line training program. Soon parents and teachers from all over the world signed up and became excited new students.

We trained teachers from: Spain, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Peru, Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Ecuador... every month a new push pin was placed on our map of the world.

Our dream of sharing the method was becoming realized before our eyes!

In 2003,
we published our first Right Brain Education kit, called Wink.™

Later that year, we released the first in a series of DVDs for children calledTweedleWink.™

These handy little DVDs incorporated all of our flashcard know-how into short little lessons. Gone were the days of purchasing, collecting and making flashcards. Gone were the moments of trying to find more card storage. Gone were the days of flipping hundreds of cards for our children. The TweedleWink DVDs allowed us to present hundreds of cards at the press of a button!

The TweedleWink DVDs were a hit. Parents asked for more!

A new chapter
In 2007, after a short break to invest more time in our families and ourselves, Wennie Sun—a former Bell Labs engineer and new mother and teacher— came on board. Wennie had established two Montessori kindergardens. She felt that Right Brain Education was the missing component that would best help Montessori's method come into the 21st century.

With a new vision, respecting and honoring our roots, Pamela and Wennie created Right Brain Kids.

Online outreach
Right Brain Kids is dedicated to disseminate this tried and proven method of learning through modern technological means: the internet. Through this avenue, we strive to serve students and customers in a whole new way with more immediate access to training, products and support.

We're still teaching and learning! Our monthly newsletter and articles share what we continue to learn about Right Brain Education. We relate stories from the classroom, techniques that better access the alpha-wave, calm mode of learning, and create or recommend books and products that we know can help you and your family and classroom on your right-brain journey.

There has never been a better time for Right Brain Education.

Children with autism, dyslexia, ADD / ADHD, and other special learning needs thrive with Right Brain Education techniques.

Children exposed to early learning methods accelerate in comprehension and creativity. Now is the time for this method to be used widely -- so that our children can experience education as a great joy and passion.

Learning centers
As a result of our excited students on fire, TweedleWink methods and products are now used in schools and homes around the world.

With so many schools trying to incorporate our methods, many asked for a model. So, in 2008, we began to establish TweedleWink centers in Asia. In 2009, we opened 3 new centers in Malaysia.

Our headquarters is located in beautiful, tropical Kuala Lumpur.

TweedleWink is loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Our program is making changes in little lives all over the world...

  • families use the DVD lessons at home
  • children now attend live TweedleWink classes
  • schools utilize the 12-DVD program and training

Our mission
Our mission is to provide high-quality educational products that nourish the heart and mind of children of all ages through a method we call Right Brain Education. In our experience, this mission has already touched hundreds of families lives--including those who have been labeled with many so-called "learning disabilities." In our eyes, the right brain can shine through play & love.

The world is facing serious challenges. The solutions will come from our children.

Right Brain Education is truly a method that changes the parents and teachers as we teach it to our children. This impact is lifelong and profound. And currently, there is no other educational method like it out there.

Come join us!